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nanoblock™ Block Party Wrap-Up!

Hosted at Books Kinokuniya in the heart of Sydney's CBD and in collaboration with LMNOP, our nanoblock™ Block Party was a huge success!

Starting off with individual building, we quickly learned who were the fast builders in the group, but that didn't matter - everyone was having fun! We handed out heaps of spot prizes of nanoblock™ models as well as some great books from Kinokuniya. Spot prizes were awarded mainly for helping others, and finishing your build in the set amount of time. It was great to see so many kids getting involved in making with their parents.

We then went on to play "Pass-the-Block", our version of "Pass-the-Parcel", quite a bit more fun and a lot more blocky! We saw tables dividing their haul so that everyone received a prize as well as small groups of 'traders' swapping their nanoblock™ prizes to get the perfect personalised mix of little models. So much caring!

After the exciting musically-inspired "Pass-the-Block", we had a change of pace and contemplated just how many nanoblock™ pieces were in three little jars that we had placed around the Kinokuniya Kids' Area. We had an excellent range of answers and even a tie!

Finally, we went on to collaborative building and saw groups of kids and parents making incredible little treasures including a snow-swept landscape, a garden, even a boat and lighthouse! By the end of the event, we were all tired and happy, but that wasn't it... The first 15 kids to register received some sweet nanoblock™, Kinokuniya and LMNOP swag with The King of Space, a bookmark-making kit and 3 nanoblock™ models all in a Kinokuniya tote bag - but we still made sure that everyone went home with something!

All in all, this event was so much fun and we just cannot wait to do it again - thanks to all who came along and made it such a memorable day! Special thanks to Jenny from LMNOP who took all of these beautiful photos and helped run the event as well as the lovely Kinokuniya staff who also helped out.

Head here for LMNOP's recap of the event!

TJ Lefebvre
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