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New Models Confirmed!

This just in! We have new nanoblock™ models available in Australia. After a long wait, new never-seen-before nanoblock™ models and ranges are here. We have a nanoblock™ Insect series, new additions to the nanoblock™ Critter series, an Underwater Creature series as well as the all-new Challenger Series... What does this mean? It means we have a lot to show you!

Our new nanoblock™ Insect Series contains eight fantastic intricate models of all your favourite bugs! Beware - models may seem larger than the real thing!

Get under the sea with our nanoblock™ Underwater Creature series - create your own saltwater eco-system and swim with the best of them! Down where it's wetter, that's where it's better - Under the Sea!

And finally, we are so proud to unveil our  nanoblock™ Challenger series, we've listened to you and sought out a new level of difficult for your fingers. You wanted challenging? You got it!


We hope you like the new models and stay tuned for more on the way! Show us your own models over on Facebook or tweet us at @nanoblockAus.

TJ Lefebvre
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Newsletters, magpies and a nanoblock™ giveaway!

This week we sent out our inaugural newsletter, fell in love with a new fan-made nanoblock™ model and started a competition with the ever-cool Everguide.

Featuring Pat Coppel of Make Designed Objects, we talked about his store, design icon and favourite product. We also show-cased the new nanoblock™ models in 2013 ranging from our little lion to the Great Pyramid of Giza available to peruse on our website. We also ran a pretty-great competition that had its three winners in the first fifteen minutes of mailout! Don't want to miss out again? Head to our homepage to sign up.

This week, one of our Facebook fans, Christine, designed a new nanoblock™ bird - the magpie! We love it very much. Have you ever made your own? Share it with us on our wall.
And lastly, but far from least, the ever-cool Everguide is featuring and giving away some most excellent nanoblock™ loot. You need to answer just one question to go in the running to win one of three nanoblock™ prize packs. If you missed out on our newsletter competition, you should definitely try your luck here.
Have a fabulous weekend, all!
TJ Lefebvre
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New nanoblock™ models!

It's been a crazy beginning to 2013 with 20 new nanoblock™ models coming to Australia and adding to the greatly expanding Australian nanoblock™ collection.

Below are the highlights of the new Critters and Sights to See models. Want them now? Head to the nanoblock™ store or find the closest retailer to you!

Critter Series

Sights to See Series

TJ Lefebvre
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