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Interview with Pat Coppel of Make Designed Objects

Make Designed Objects is a gorgeous store that has been in Carlton for 10 years. With an aesthetic eye for well-designed products, Pat Coppel has garnered a lot of respect in the community for design. The store is beautifully adorned with rooms that could shame feng-shui. If you get a spare moment in Melbourne, you should totally go and check it out.
Here's a few things Pat had to share.

When did you open the store? 10 years ago this past Friday. 3rd of May, 2003.
How did you come up with the idea for Make Designed Objects? I had a very long relationship with retail and design, so I decided to put the two together. In retrospect it’s surprising that it took me as long as it did.
What's your aesthetic? Good design. There are a number of variants, a product might be environmentally friendly, humorous... I suppose I look for design intelligence. 
Do you have a design icon? Japanese Architect Todao Ando. When it comes to the language of buildings he can say in one word what most people try to say in ten thousand.
Favourite product? The Fink water jug by Robert Foster. Generally there are only 6 kinds available, however we have collaborated with F!nk Design resulting in 19 different customised variations available only through Make Designed Objects. We talk with Rob and Gretel at Fink about new product possibilities on a regular basis. The four seasons vases are also the result of those discussions.
TJ Lefebvre
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This Weekend: Melbourne Design Market and nanoblock™

Melbournites! Come along to Federation Square this Sunday for the Melbourne Design Market! We'll be there from the word, 'Go'!

There'll be special discounts for all nanoblock™-loving market-goers! We'll have our full range available for purchase at the market, it's the best way to get your Christmas shopping done for those 'hard-to-buy-for' friends, family and colleagues. Our nanoblock™ Critters and Musical Instruments ranges are also great as stocking filler! And for $9.95? You really can't go wrong. #trufax

Just what are we saying here? We would love to see you there and for you to partake in some nanoblock™ goodness.

Come and find us (and check out our instagram feed for a magic word that will get you a sweet deal!)

TJ Lefebvre
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