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New Models Confirmed!

This just in! We have new nanoblock™ models available in Australia. After a long wait, new never-seen-before nanoblock™ models and ranges are here. We have a nanoblock™ Insect series, new additions to the nanoblock™ Critter series, an Underwater Creature series as well as the all-new Challenger Series... What does this mean? It means we have a lot to show you!

Our new nanoblock™ Insect Series contains eight fantastic intricate models of all your favourite bugs! Beware - models may seem larger than the real thing!

Get under the sea with our nanoblock™ Underwater Creature series - create your own saltwater eco-system and swim with the best of them! Down where it's wetter, that's where it's better - Under the Sea!

And finally, we are so proud to unveil our  nanoblock™ Challenger series, we've listened to you and sought out a new level of difficult for your fingers. You wanted challenging? You got it!


We hope you like the new models and stay tuned for more on the way! Show us your own models over on Facebook or tweet us at @nanoblockAus.

TJ Lefebvre
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nanoblock™ Block Party Wrap-Up!

Hosted at Books Kinokuniya in the heart of Sydney's CBD and in collaboration with LMNOP, our nanoblock™ Block Party was a huge success!

Starting off with individual building, we quickly learned who were the fast builders in the group, but that didn't matter - everyone was having fun! We handed out heaps of spot prizes of nanoblock™ models as well as some great books from Kinokuniya. Spot prizes were awarded mainly for helping others, and finishing your build in the set amount of time. It was great to see so many kids getting involved in making with their parents.

We then went on to play "Pass-the-Block", our version of "Pass-the-Parcel", quite a bit more fun and a lot more blocky! We saw tables dividing their haul so that everyone received a prize as well as small groups of 'traders' swapping their nanoblock™ prizes to get the perfect personalised mix of little models. So much caring!

After the exciting musically-inspired "Pass-the-Block", we had a change of pace and contemplated just how many nanoblock™ pieces were in three little jars that we had placed around the Kinokuniya Kids' Area. We had an excellent range of answers and even a tie!

Finally, we went on to collaborative building and saw groups of kids and parents making incredible little treasures including a snow-swept landscape, a garden, even a boat and lighthouse! By the end of the event, we were all tired and happy, but that wasn't it... The first 15 kids to register received some sweet nanoblock™, Kinokuniya and LMNOP swag with The King of Space, a bookmark-making kit and 3 nanoblock™ models all in a Kinokuniya tote bag - but we still made sure that everyone went home with something!

All in all, this event was so much fun and we just cannot wait to do it again - thanks to all who came along and made it such a memorable day! Special thanks to Jenny from LMNOP who took all of these beautiful photos and helped run the event as well as the lovely Kinokuniya staff who also helped out.

Head here for LMNOP's recap of the event!

TJ Lefebvre
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Interview with a nanoblock™ Artist!

Happy Friday all! We'd like to introduce you to a talented custom nanoblock™ model maker, known on the Internet as StealthEagle. We are consistently impressed with the level of imagination and ingenuity that she shows, so we thought it only fair to pass on this nanoblock™ artist! You can see all of StealthEagle's designs over on her Facebook page, Straight Out of the Line. We asked her a few questions about her designs, check them out!


What was your first experience with nanoblock? How did you come across it?

Before I finished my shopping in a department store, I have been always making an effort to look at the toys section to see what toys are trending. But on that day, I stumbled upon this interesting shelf with a displaying box full of models.

The nanoblock™ section was small, and it wasn’t placed in the aisle where the building blocks toys were. Each model were sealed in pretty looking black sealable bags, except for “Sight to see” series, that was really intriguing since many building block companies have been packing their kits into cardboard boxes.

What converted me to nanoblock™ was simply the birds; I got a very soft spot for feathered creatures, and I have been studying Ornithology as a hobby to satisfy my curiosity. Whatever happened later was history.

When did you start your custom making? How? Do you remember the models you had?

I don’t exactly remember when, probably sometime in August 2012, the very first model I built was a plane made with bright red blocks. 

I did was what most people would do; stacked blocks together till the model looked recognisable, but only with 1 type of block.

What's your favourite design custom design? Most complex?

That pair of hands, the story of how I managed to do it and managed to win something still baffles me till this day. 

How did you come up with the idea of the hand (that won the nanoblock™ award)? 

It was completely random.  I was trying to get some works out for the Nanoblock Award just to try my luck despite knowing there were builders who were much better than me. Suddenly, the idea of creating a hand (later became a pair of hands) slipped into my mind when I was looking at past entries by previous participants.

What inspires you? I notice that there's a lovely amount of pop culture rhetoric in your creations.

Anything that I have read, watched, played, listened or imagined; there is no specific source of inspiration of where most of my works are from, that is why my creations never stick to a certain genre or style. I can do a Minecraft cow one day, and then tomorrow it may be something about Doctor Who (no relation with moo-ing the Doctor Who theme).

How many nanoblock models do you think you've built?

About 26 models, I know that is little…haha.

Out of all your reviews, which is the most spectacularly design nanoblock?

It is a hard decision as each series designed and released by Kawada is unique, so each fan has his/her favourite, for me I picked the Sengoku Military Commander Series as the most spectacular.

It is rare to see any companies like Kawada to release any models based on Japan’s cultural history as its niche area has always been about popular icons and places. To capture the details of the samurai helmet into nanoblock™ form without butchering the aesthetics requires a lot of trial and error on how you stack the blocks.



TJ Lefebvre
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nanoblock™ Creations at Kidstuff

The first week of NSW holidays is through and Kidstuff Brighton has had some fun collaborators come in contribute some cute creations.

Have you had a chance to get in to the participating stores? Why, you might ask, would I do this? Well, there are 3 nanoblock™ prize packs to be won worth $80 each! We think this is a pretty excellent incentive. All you need to do is build a creation from the free parts in store and post it on the Kidstuff "Create and Win" Facebook page or, alternatively, e-mail it to!

The stores are Kidstuff Mosman (774 Military Rd), Kidstuff Woollahra (126A Queen St) and Kidstuff Brighton (14 Church St). 

Entries close this Sunday, April 28th!

TJ Lefebvre
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nanoblock™ and Kidstuff join forces for the April School Holidays

This April school holidays, find nanoblock™ freeplay troughs exclusively in Kidstuff stores. Enter the competition through the Kidstuff facebook page for your chance to win one of THREE awesome nanoblock™ prizepacks!

More details coming soon, stay tuned!

TJ Lefebvre
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New nanoblock™ models!

It's been a crazy beginning to 2013 with 20 new nanoblock™ models coming to Australia and adding to the greatly expanding Australian nanoblock™ collection.

Below are the highlights of the new Critters and Sights to See models. Want them now? Head to the nanoblock™ store or find the closest retailer to you!

Critter Series

Sights to See Series

TJ Lefebvre
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