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The nanoblock Stop-Motion Edition

One of the most entertaining parts of building a nanoblock™ model is the way that it evolves before your eyes. A fantastic way to capture this excitement is to capture it on film, and what better way to view it than in step-by-step motion?!

Stop-motion animation is a series of photos that can be knitted into a video (and can be relatively easy to made). Here is an example of a nanoblock™ Guitar in all its stop-motion glory:

You're ready to create your own? Let's get started!
You Will Need:
  1. A nanoblock™ model (and the instructions).
  2. One or two desk lamps to light your 'stage' well.
  3. A camera (preferably a digital one with manual focus).
  4. A light blank background prime for taking photos.
  5. A way to make your camera stay in one place (tripod, table sand Blu tack, whatever you can find).
  1. The camera focus should not change.
  2. The white balance shouldn't change either. (Keep it on manual settings).
  3. The camera should not be moved at all while it's taking photos.
Let's Get Started:
  1. Take a photo of your scene blank scene and start to move the nanoblock™ pieces into the photo space bit by bit to show the construction with detail.
  2. Make sure to keep the model-in-progress as still as possible.
  3. Import your images into a photo stitching software like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker (simple instructions here).
  4. Finish the film with your own personal touches (like soundtrack, credits, information, title screen and even narrative)!
So, how'd you go? Send us your videos to, or post them on! We'd love to see what you got up to!

Great online sources for further reading:

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