Welcome to nanoblock™ Australia

    nanoblock.com.au will be closing from Dec24-Jan 6.  Orders placed during this time will ship by Jan 7.  
    Merry Christmas :)

    For a limited time orders over $100 will ship free of charge!!


    Welcome to nanoblock™ Australia, your online destination for all things nanoblock™ related.  
    For those new to nanoblock™, nanoblock™ is a miniature building block system from Japan. The smallest blocks measure just 4mm x 4mm!  The smaller the blocks, the better the detail.  
    Each nanoblock™ set comes with instructions to build either a tiny critter, a famous Site to See from around the world, a musical instrument or even limited edition model.
    nanoblock™ is popular with the young (8+) and the young at heart!
    At just $9.95-$19.95 for each set, you'll want to collect them all!