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Scuba Diving

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nanoblock® Award Winners: Scuba Diving

The nanoblock® Award Series are works constructed and submitted by nanoblock® fans worldwide! The nanoblock® Award Winner's original work becomes a product! 
    8 and up
    For ages

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    The nanoblock difference

    The nanoblock difference

    • The smaller the Block the Better the detail

    • Colour Instructions & Spare Blocks included

    • Patented Block Design For Easy Building

    • Improve your problem solving skills

    • Develop your fine motor skills

    • Develop your eye-hand coordination

    • High Quality Japanese Design

    • Fun for everyone - ages 8 to 80

    nanoblock® brings building block cunstruction to a new nano-sized scale with incredible detail. For anyone who enjoys 3D puzzles and games nanoblock is a fun and rewaring collectable

    nanoblock is perfect for improving problem-solving, and eye coordination as well as fine motor skills. Suitable for years 8+ but loved by big kids too! nanoblock is a rewarding hobby for all ages.

    Once the Mini Collection Series has been mastered, builders can then progress onto the Sights to See Collection and then upwards to Deluxe masterpieces.

    The nanoblock® range is regularly updated with new and exciting models and series, so builders are constantly engaged with the best little building block in town

    nanoblock - The original micro-sized building block!



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